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CNC turning

CNC turning is a machining method that enables the production of objects with the shapes of revolution solids. While turning, the main motion is performed by a workpiece and the feed motion is performed by a cutting tool.

We perform turning with modern computer-controlled machine tools in the field of:

  • – maximum diameter of the processed material: Ø 280mm,
    – maximum length of the processed material: L 650 mm,

Such specificity results mainly from the market demand for components manufactured in the widely understood CNC machining technology.

Turning stainless steel is sought after mainly by medical and food markets, but also by the construction and automotive industries. Due to its specificity, machining of stainless steel requires appropriate tools and cutting parameters.

Turning aluminium – this material is very often used to design precise turned parts in the aviation industry, but also in the machine and automotive industries.

Turning brass is applicable in the furniture sector and for the production of fittings, e.g. connectors, nuts, pipe unions, nipples and many other parts. The furniture sector is also a large area of application of brass elements.

Precision turning of technical components is a process that requires extensive experience and excellent equipment. High-quality requirements and tight manufacturing tolerances of turned objects make every detail important in the machining process.

We operate according to a carefully developed procedure that includes detailed quality control at every stage of production. We have implemented a production management system based on the ISO system, which makes us a reliable business partner that meets the agreed deadlines. We place great emphasis on the high quality of turned details.

Our machine park includes:


Tokarka CNC

Basic parameters of the machine:

  • X axis travel: 280 mm
  • Z axis travel: 650 mm,
  • Max. turning length 650mm
  • Spindle 4 500 rpm,
  • Tool magazine: 12 items, including 6 rotary tools


Tokarka uniwersalna

Basic parameters of the machine:

  • max. turning length 2000mm
  • max. turning diameter over the bed 660mm
  • max. turning diameter over the support 440mm