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CNC milling

CNC and conventional milling – is a machining method that enables the execution of planes, grooves, channels and pockets of shaped surfaces of threads and toothings. In the case of milling, the main motion is performed by a tool, while the feed motions are most often performed by a workpiece. Milling is efficient machining because the material is usually removed/ cut simultaneously by many tool blades.

CNC technology enables milling of complex details with an accuracy and repeatability of up to 0.01mm.

Our machine park includes:

AVIA VMC 650 3 AXIS (thread milling) MACHINING CENTRE

Centr.Obr .CNC2

Basic parameters of the machine:

  • longitudinal travel X: 650 mm
  • horizontal travel Y: 540 mm,
  • vertical travel Z: 620 mm
  • Spindle 10,000 rpm,
  • Tool magazine: 30 items.


IMG 0268

Basic parameters of the machine:

  • longitudinal travel X – 800mm
  • horizontal travel Y – 500mm
  • horizontal travel Z – 420mm
  • Digital position readout for 3 axes
  • Horizontal and vertical spindle